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Metal United Down Under, better known as MUDU, is the brainchild of Michael Lueders who is behind the Metal-Roos webzine and Black-Roos Entertainment booking, promotion, and management agency.

MUDU started in the early days of Metal-Roos when Michael was still new to the Australian metal scene. Having lived in Germany and Ireland before, it took some time to find a way into the scattered scene spread over the Australian continent. Michael had the idea to bring all those bigger and smaller individual communities together in some way… and Metal United Down Under was born.

The idea is simple: Every weekend there are local shows with a few metal bands. Let’s put those under one banner (aka Metal United Down Under) and let them happen on the same date. Those who are putting on their usual 3-4 band lineup are as welcome as those who use the opportunity for a whole day festival super event. As long as we do it in the same spirit – celebrating metal and our metal community – everybody can participate!

On 29 November 2014, the first MUDU started with 14 cities in 6 of the Australian states and territories. The simplicity of the idea didn’t take anything away from the impact. It really felt like we all participated together in this event… even though there were hundreds to thousands of miles between our shows.

Since 2014, there has been a MUDU every year. Some are huge, some are smaller. Not surprisingly, 2020 made MUDU a tiny event. But it happened! Because it is a great initiative. A platform for bands to participate in something bigger, bring their name out and build an audience. Some bands have used MUDU to launch their band, some to launch albums or EPs, some to get together again after having split up. MUDU represents all kinds of genres, well-known bands, newcomers and those in the middle. Many bands play MUDU as an interstate gig or build a tour around MUDU. It is a great platform for the Australian underground.

If you would like to participate as a promoter or band, send an email:

In 2018, the MUDU concept has developed further into MUWW Metal United World Wide.